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 Fiskmarkaðurinn Restaurant


Fiskmarkaðurinn serves New Style Seafood Cuisine where Hrefna Sætran and her team use local and fresh ingredients to prepare fish, meat, and sweet dishes with a modern twist. Founded in 2007, Fiskmarkaðurinn quickly became a favorite in the Reykjavík ambitious restaurant scene and remains both popular and highly acclaimed.    

Innovation in a warm ambiance

In a unique atmosphere, Fiskmarkaðurinn has dazzled Icelandic food lovers and tourists from around the world. The main influence is Icelandic and Asian, but nothing is carved in stone when it comes to the restaurant’s innovative team.

A spin-project of family and friends

Guests at Fiskmarkaðurinn frequently ask about the interior design and which prominent interior architect was responsible for it. But the truth is that no-one is. It simply started with an empty space and three enormous Norwegian trees, imported to Iceland.

The outcome of this spin-project is dark but warm – modern, yet classic. Black is overall a dominant colour, but the green bamboo trees, the gold from inside the oriental-style table lights and the yellow and red lighting in the walls give Fiskmarkaðurinn a colourful style.

After the huge trees arrived and we had them chopped down into tables, wall ornaments and other stuff, we simply added the next element into the mix. One thing always lead to the next logical step.
— Hrefna Sætran

No table cloths – feel free

Guests receive a relaxed first-class service where every etiquette is followed, but still they are able to ‘drop by’ without going home to change. Flaunting thick, shiny, soft and dark-brown oak-tables in the restaurant, Hrefna and the gang decided to skip the white table-cloths that are usually associated with fine-dining.

Fiskmarkaðurinn sums up to be a place where food is sacred and fully loved; where people are encouraged to feel that love and enjoy every bite in their own relaxed skin.

Fiskmarkaðurinn is a solid Icelandic restaurant, meeting Asian influences both in the restaurant’s interiors and in the careful and innovative preparation of the menu – in a New Style.

We cook local, but still I want the freedom to go anywhere I want, using fresh ingredients from all over the world to turn the local core ingredients into a culinary rollercoster.
— Hrefna Sætran


Aðalstræti 12
101 Reykjavík
Tel: +354 578 8877

Please contact us for reservations or if you have any questions regarding your visit. 

Opening hours

Every evening from 17:30  (5:30pm)