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Grillmarkaðurinn Restaurant


Grillmarkaðurinn serves New Style Icelandic Cuisine where Hrefna Sætran and her team approach Icelandic ingredients out of respect and the know-how of the farmers themselves. The team strives to garnish traditional dishes with an extra, odd splash – the result is a very Icelandic, yet very international restaurant in magnificent surroundings.

Located in Reykjavík’s strongest heart-beat


Grillmarkaðurinn was first conceived between Hrefna and her long time co-workers from Fiskmarkaðurinn, Gulli and Ágúst, all of them today co-owning the restaurant and working there. They wanted to establish a restaurant that fully explored the best Icelandic ingredients available, both locally and in season.

The concept of Grillmarkaðurinn was fully matured long before the perfect location was found. So, when Reykjavík City officials rebuilt a cluster of old houses in the city center, Hrefna and the team rushed in to realize the restaurant of their dreams.

Un-designed interiors

No one designed Grillmarkaðurinn. Yet it has the feel of a complex interior design. The same principles were applied in creating Grillmarkaðurinn and Fiskmarkaðurinn – it was a collective spin project of friends and co-workers that added bits and pieces over a period of time.

With the use of Icelandic elements – running water, rocks, dried fish-skin amongst other elements – the design aimed to capture an all-Icelandic experience. Grillmarkaðurinn has very quickly become Reykjavík’s favorite restaurant, seating nearly 200 guests, occupied most nights in all seasons by pleased guests.

We always imagined the feeling of entering the restaurant. What would the guests see? How would they feel? What would they hear and smell? These aspects are so important, because they set the tone for the whole experience of dining out.
— Hrefna Sætran

An active dialogue with farmers and producers

I travelled around Iceland for two weeks, spending time with and getting to personally know quality farmers and producers. The result was a long list of Icelandic raw material that I wanted to work with and now constitutes the menu at Grillmarkaðurinn.
— Hrefna Sætran

A road-trip around Iceland was Hrefna’s way to figure out the best ingredients Iceland had to offer and which ones would suit at Grillmarkaðurinn.

Grillmarkaðurinn is still open to the different seasons in Iceland. When the farmers and producers have something extra special to work with, the Grillmarkaðurinn team is notified and can develop new menu specials, available for a limited time.

Please read the interviews on the Grillmarkaðurinn website, they are quite interesting.

Farmer’s interviews on Grillmarkaðurinn website


What happens in Grillmarkaðurinn doesn’t stay in Grillmarkaðurinn

... because obviously some of the guests there have been spilling their beans after their visit. Hrefna and the gang have an almost extremely strict no-advertising policy, meaning that the reputation has been built up in a natural manner, relying on word of mouth.


Natural elements wherever you look


Lækjagata 2a
101 Reykjavík
Tel: +354 571 7777

Please contact us for reservations or if you have any questions regarding your visit. 

Opening Hours

Sundays to Thursdays all weekdays
from 17:30 - 22:30
Fridays and Saturdays
from 17:30 - 23:00

The Bar is open every day
from 17:00

Happy hour
from 17:00 - 18:00